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There are many ski tuning guides, books and videos available - I have read and seen most of them :).



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As a ski racing parent, here's all you need for a
U10 U12-U14 U16-U18

Or, per topic, here's what we have:
Base Edges Waxing Routine

Here's the external articles I consider most interesting:

  • The Kuu tuning guide, available from here
  • Tognar how to database. Many articles on lots of simple or advanced ski tuning options.
  • RaceWax's very detailed collection of ski tuning stuff: tunning tips

Other ski tuning articles worth reading as you get serious about it:

Razie's guides, distilled from all I know:

If you haven't tuned out at this point, there's a lot of very interesting videos about ski tuning. You can pick up small tips and ideas from each, here's my favorites:

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