Effective Skiing

Re-imagine your skiing !
An interactive guide to expert skiing.


Balance starts the improvement chain. Balance gives you confidence and options on skis


Confidence is the enabler of this circle of improvement, created and maintained with balance and movement


Effective movements create balance, increase confidence in the road to expert skiing


Progression | interactive

Large online progression from beginner to expert skiing, with tens of tech talks, on snow sessions and drills.

The ski map | wiki

The detailed map of effective skiing technique and topics, organized to drive improvement and understanding.

Blog | thoughts and posts

Many thoughts and technical articles on expert skiing, updated regularly.


Nine levels of skill development, from barely gliding on green slopes to expert skier. Go though them all, or focus just on the areas you need.

Over 44 technical talks and over 40 on snow sessions, covering all the elements of great technique - see the contents.

Track your progress

You can track your progress through the clear pathways to expert skiing, at each level: technique, quizes, drills, assessments and ideas.

Custom guidance

We each have our own path to success. You'll have your own personal profile to guide you, with custom progressions.


Custom pathways

At every point, the pathway is clearly presented: you know exactly where you're headed, what's next and what to work on.

Private and custom feedback

Take photos and video of your skiing at different stages or every week and request private feedback from our coaches.


Ski Journal

Innovative notes tool and merging the timelines with your progress. Journals are a very effective way to improve progress.

Effective ski map

We have built an extensive map of expert skiing, which you can use to navigate all there is. Use it when you're curious or when you're stuck.



The free membership gives you access to many of the features, including journal, reading log, and the technical wiki topics.


The well priced effective membership gives you access to all the content and features, on snow sessions, talks and dry-land lists and more, including one video assessment.

Fast track

If you ski a lot through the season, this plan will keep you on the fast track, with frequent video assessments, access to more expert and racing topics etc.


Compare the memberhips

An interactive guide to expert skiing that you can take on your phone.

Why | effective skiing

Read about this website: why we created it and what it is!

What | is effective skiing

See what effective skiing is and how you can get there!


Effective skiing is easy as 1-2...4 !
Select interactive sessions, drills and ... topics for expert skiing.

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