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Pathway: Intro  

Talk   What is effective skiing
Talk   What is the effective technique
Talk   C turns versus Z turns
Topic   Types of skis
Topic   Some physics - how the skis work
Talk   Keep safe
Session   Quick ski technique improvement

Pathway: Green  

Talk   Green level overview
Talk   The basics of an effective stance
Talk   The effective way to turn the skis
Drill   Step and shuffle
Session   Start tipping
Talk   Lower body and upper body separation
Session   Explore the upper body
Talk   Effective and ineffective movements
Talk   Green skiing video review
Talk   Stance alignment
Drill   Poles in front
Drill   No poles
Talk   Why Effective Skiing
Talk   How you'll learn
Topic   Green exit

Pathway: Green advanced  

Talk   Green advanced level overview
Session   The outside ski
Session   Relax to transfer weight
Talk   Balancing on the outside ski
Session   It's snowtime to balance
Topic   More tipping is carving
Session   The carved turn
Session   Turn shape and speed control
Session   Green balance and range of motion
Drill   Hands all over
Drill   Rollerblades
Drill   Tuck turns
Topic   Green advanced exit

Pathway: Green expert  

Talk   Green expert level overview
Topic   Ski Fitness
Topic   Factors that determine the ski behaviour
Session   Effective ski and speed control
Session   Where are your poles
Session   Carved turn shape
Session   On the outside ski
Session   The inside ski
Session   Keep your feet together
Drill   The Phantom
Drill   The Javelin
Talk   Tipping not hipping
Topic   Flex to tip more
Session   Using the poles
Topic   Green expert exit

Pathway: Blue  

Talk   The blue level overview
Topic   Green advanced review
Talk   Effective and ineffective movements
Session   Intro to pressure
Session   Exploring fore-aft
Session   Intro to recentering
Drill   Welcome to braquage
Session   The advanced effective stance
Session   Blue balance and range of motion
Post   Stance and balance
Topic   Feedback - check your tracks
Session   Speed, turn shape and control
Session   The crunch
Drill   Hockey stop
Drill   Falling leaf
Drill   Warmup
Drill   Picture frame
Topic   Blue exit

Pathway: Blue advanced  

Talk   Blue advanced level overview
Topic   Equipment for advanced blue
Post   Ski Boot Fitting
Post   Platform, balance and movement
Session   Recentering in fore-aft
Topic   Explore angulation
Session   Intro to coiling
Drill   Touch the outside boot
Topic   The blue carved turn
Drill   J turns
Session   Speed control and carved turns
Session   Feel the power
Drill   Garlands
Session   Engage and release
Session   Flex to transfer weight
Session   Explore the pole plant
Topic   Advanced blue exit

Pathway: Blue expert  

Talk   Blue expert level overview
Talk   About ankle eversion and inversion
Post   We ski with the feet and ankles
Session   Focus on ankle tipping and untipping
Drill   Play with braquage
Drill   Explore stance
Session   Pull back the inside boot to stay forward
Session   Tipping and keeping the feet underneath
Topic   Upper and lower body separation again
Session   Strong inside half
Session   Lifting the inside hip
Talk   Intro to High-C
Talk   Forward is down
Topic   Blue expert exit

Pathway: Black  

Talk   The black level overview
Post   Ski Engraving
Talk   Effective and ineffective movements
Session   Flex to release
Session   Keep your feet underneath you
Post   Sitting on a toilet
Topic   Refined short turn
Session   Explore coiling
Session   Mixed dynamic turns
Talk   Steering and coiling
Session   Increase range of flexing
Session   Release transfer engage
Session   The early release
Drill   Inside braquage
Topic   Black exit

Pathway: Black advanced  

Talk   Black advanced level overview
Session   At high edge angles
Talk   Steering and coiling
Session   Skiing steeps - catch up
Session   Carving outside ski to outside ski
Session   Upside down
Topic   Release untip to skis flat
Topic   Tipping and extending
Topic   Pull the inside boot up
Session   Long leg and short leg
Session   Advanced pole plant use
Talk   Climb the bowl
Session   Feel the power again
Drill   The power release
Drill   Advanced braquage
Topic   Black advanced exit

Pathway: Black expert  

Talk   Black expert level overview
Post   Focusing on the Inside Ski
Post   Ted and the Inside Ski
Session   Float, flexing and ski performance
Session   Create the turn with flexing
Topic   The angulation contortion
Session   Refine uncoiling
Topic   The coiling contortion
Talk   Fore-aft and pressure
Talk   Getting forward
Session   The inside ski and high edge angles
Topic   The High-C
Drill   Expert Rollerblades
Talk   Logic behind working on the inside ski
Talk   Expert skier evolution

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