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It is obvious that you should clean your iron every now and then, right? I use wax cleaner occasionally, with some paper towels and remove some of the wax on the sides. With a plastic scraper, I also remove the big blobs of wax formed on the bottom.

Done? I thought so, too, until reading some more on the internet: I read about using sandpaper... and after having just done that, the results really make a big difference.

Examining the base of the iron more carefully, I found some deposits that I couldn't remove with my fingernails - probably old burned wax or something... Also, scratches and stuff - the iron looked like I could use a new one... an attractive proposition always, if it wasn't for the cost.

Time to mess with it and experiment!

I used first some scouring pads (from the dollar store) that I use, but it was going very slow. I moved to some 150 grit aluminum-oxide sandpaper and then down to 100.

So, the sequence that worked for me was:

  • spray with wax cleaner, give it one minute and wipe off with paper towels
  • continue cleaning the reminder of wax from arund the iron base and the bottom
  • take some 100 grit aluminum oxide sandpaper and lay it flat on a flat table, tile whatever and rub the base of the iron on that untill all the big gunk is gone and major scratches blend in
  • next, repeat with 150 and then 220 grit, until the base is nice and smooth
  • repeat again, this time with some medium roughness scouring pads (sold for dishes) or Scothbrite, whatever, until the base is very smooth and looks like new
  • spray again with the wax cleaner and wipe with paper towels until no more metal filings come off it

Done - time to grab another beer and admire your spanking new waxing iron! Do hot scrape some crappy skis with it now, to completely remove the metal shavings whatnot.

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By: Razie | 2013-09-15 .. 2021-11-14 | Tags: post , tuning , equipment

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