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Ok - here's what to get. You should support your local ski shop, but you can also look for this stuff at these online shops:

  • - your club can get a discount here

The categories you need are:

Wax Iron

If you're reading this, you want to hot wax the skis, so you're in need of an iron. The cheap wax irons, at 40-50$ are more than enough. Do get a specific wax iron though, with the dial marked in degrees C/F - it makes it easy to ball-park the temperature specified by the wax you use.

I have been using a Tools4Boards travel iron, happy with it.


Read much more details under Deciphering Brushes - here's a minimal but functional set of brushes for the racerkidz parent:

  • one soft brass large oval for cleaning the bases after tuning and before waxing 30$
  • one horsehair rotobrush (with the handle up to 100$ or more) but saves so much work, you can't beat the value. Sure, you can survive the first year with manual brushes, but with two racerkidz, I ended up spending too much on beer - 100$
    • If not, get one brass or hard plastic large oval brush for the training wax 30$
  • one brass or hard plastic large oval brush for the race wax 30$
  • one horsehair brush (large recommended but small is ok) for race day polishing, 15$

If you want to add to it, look into getting also:

  • small stiff steel brush for structuring the base before waxing
  • soft plastic large brush for softer waxes - better glide on soft snow if you clean those up
  • another horse hair rotobrush for racing Fluor waxes
  • stiffer roto-brushes to save the horse-hairs when you use hard/cold wax ( has a brass/horsehair combination that I like)

Read on for even more Ski Tuning Ideas.

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