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It's an older book I picked up used on Amazon, about well, obviously, ski tuning.

It is a pretty detailed guide on ski tuning, comparable with the most complete out there. I picked up a few things from it, such as how to file a base (when it's really messed up or you want to level the bevels or it's too concave etc). There's some detailed discussion on snow crystals etc.

One thing about it is that it's lacking in the most crucial of issues: numbers! What exact angles to use where etc... disappointing because that's why I bought it. In that sense many of the existing online Ski Tuning Guides are more detailed - see my synthesis of those here Ski Tuning - edge bevels.

Anyways, for the 5$ it cost, it was worth it and I will read it again when the season picks up, to remember some fine points about tuning. It is amazing how little has changed since the book was last printed, in 1989...

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By: Razie | 2012-12-07 .. 2015-11-25 | Tags: post , tuning , review , book

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