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Name Category
Green level overview   Talk
Keep safe   Talk
Selecting a good ski   Topic
Some physics - how the skis work   Topic
The basics of an effective stance   Talk
The effective way to turn the skis   Talk
Lower body and upper body separation   Talk
Start tipping   Session
Explore the upper body   Session
Effective and ineffective movements   Talk
Turn shape and speed control   Session
Green advanced level overview   Talk
The outside ski   Session
Relax to transfer weight   Session
Balancing on the outside ski   Talk
Green expert level overview   Talk
Where are your poles   Session
On the outside ski   Session
The inside ski   Session
Keep your feet together   Session
It's snowtime to balance   Session
Tipping not hipping   Talk
More tipping is carving   Topic
Intent, action and outcome   Topic
Green exit   Topic
The carved turn   Session
Carved turn shape   Session
Green advanced exit   Topic
Effective ski and speed control   Session
Factors that determine the ski behaviour   Topic
Green balance and range of motion   Session
Flex to tip more   Topic
Green expert exit   Topic
Poles in front   Drill
No poles   Drill
Rollerblades   Drill
Using the poles   Session
Stance alignment   Talk
Explore stance   Drill
Drag the outside pole   Drill
Dryland balance training   Drill
Thousand steps   Drill
Step and shuffle   Drill
Skating on skis   Drill
One ski skiing   Drill
Edge hops   Drill


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