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carving-blog   Blog
Outside boot touch with a twist   Drill
The Penguin   Drill
Click your heels   Drill
Exploring all planes of balance   Session
Balance workout session   Session
Stance and balance   Post
Hockey stop   Drill
Welcome to braquage   Drill
Play with braquage   Drill
Poles in front   Drill
No poles   Drill
The Phantom   Drill
The Javelin   Drill
Hands all over   Drill
Rollerblades   Drill
Touch the outside boot   Drill
Warmup   Drill
Tuck turns   Drill
Falling leaf   Drill
Braquage   Topic
Picture frame   Drill
J turns   Drill
Garlands   Drill
Explore stance   Drill
Advanced braquage   Drill
Drag the outside pole   Drill
Inside braquage   Drill
Dragging your poles   Drill
The power release   Drill
Double pole plant   Drill
Dryland balance training   Drill
Touch your boots   Drill
White pass   Drill
Phantom Javelin   Drill
Step and shuffle   Drill
Outside ski skiing   Drill
Expert Rollerblades   Drill
Skating on skis   Drill
Coiling warmup   Drill
Hands on hips   Drill
Tipping-only wiggle   Drill
The Schlopy Drill   Drill
One ski skiing   Drill
Edge hops   Drill


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