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Braquage is an excellent family of drills involving sliding sideways on a hill, to develop separation, balance and tipping. Some forms include Falling leaf and Pivot slips++ and other are as extreme as 180s++ and Click your heels.

When we do braquage, we do not focus on the pivoting of the skis, but sliding while maintaining a good countered position:

  • hands in front of the body
  • poles down the hill
  • shoulders and hips facing down the hill
  • control the uphill ski's shuffling: don't let it get lazy and shuffle too much
  • weight mostly on the downhill ski

Start every day with a little braquage to get a feel for the snow and wake up to the reality of gliding on your edges, while getting your core warmed up and loosened up for the day of skiing that's about to start.

See the following for detailed drill instructions:


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