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The racing level is still under development, although a lot of the content is taking shape as drafts! See more details in Racing Overview and the contents here: Effective Racer.

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Levels overview

If you love statistics, there's a total of 44 talks and 40 on snow sessions, plus over 50 drills and many other posts and topics. A talk will present a technical concept, discuss it from one or more points of view and often make you experiment with the biomechanics in your living room.

The on snow sessions are designed to have you experiment and refine the respective technical or tactical skills.

Here is an overview of the main "effective pathway" and its levels.

Intro (Basic membership) i.e. intermediate

With a total of 15 talks and 14 on snow sessions, at the green levels the focus is on removing any inefficient movements, any inefficient flapping of the hands etc and just focus on the basic movements: tipping and weight transfer.

As you go through green advanced, we'll focus on the outside ski and start carving. Then, we'll refine all the movements and increase our balance through green expert.

Talks: basic: 9 advanced: 2 expert: 4
Sessions: basic: 2 advanced: 6 expert: 6

Effective (Basic membership) i.e. advanced

Carving blue slopes in complete control is where the fun is at. We'll start to focus on fore-aft, coiling and other movements, all that detailed over 12 talks and 19 on snow sessions.

At the advanced we'll focus on carving again and refine everything at blue expert.

Talks: basic: 2 advanced: 4 expert: 6
Sessions: basic: 7 advanced: 7 expert: 5

Black (Gold membership) i.e. expert

The focus is on the biomechanics and techniques of carving black runs, which is the crux of the black advanced level. Black expert gives you further ideas on refinements and improvements.

The basics don't change and expert skiers spend probably more time refining the fundamentals than intermediate skiers do. Overall, at the black levels you're benefiting from 17 talks and 17 on snow sessions.

Talks: basic: 4 advanced: 6 expert: 7
Sessions: basic: 7 advanced: 7 expert: 3

Racing (Platinum membership) i.e. racer

The racing level is meant for racers, coaches and parents. Mastering good technique is just the beginning, here we'll see how to apply that in a course.

Talks: basic: 17
Sessions: basic: 10

Ski School Dropouts (Unobtanium) only for top skiers

This is a special level for top-level skiers and coaches looking to improve, this is one level that you apply and audition for. You get to review early drafts, influence and contribute content and get in touch with our best coaches.

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