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A combination of The Phantom and The Javelin drills, the phantom Javelin1 is an awesome drill to dial in tipping of the ankles and specifically the inside ankle, which is the one most skiers have an issue with.

Since it's a Javelin drill, it will also emphasize carving the outside ski and balancing on it, as well as ensure a slightly countered relationship of the hips to the skis.

This is so useful and so foreign to most skiers that we lift it at the level of useful contortion and it is a basic and critical drill/skill for good skiing!

ON SNOW! drill-phantom-javelin  

Starting on a green run, lift the inside ski and place the tip of the lifted ski on top of the tip of the outside ski, thus keeping the lifted ski (inside) at a slight angle to the ski that's on snow (outside).

Balance on and turn exclusively on the carving outside ski, while tipping the lifted inside ski throughout the turn.

The point of this drill is to work on and exagerate the tipping of the inside foot, the one that's on top, so tip it from the ankle, allowing the knee to move inside/forward a lot.

Here is the phantom Javelin at a higher level - note the strong tipping of the inside foot into the turn (resulting in the knee pointing inside the turn when comparing with the regular Javelin above, where the knee usually points outside):

The high speed there at the expert level is ok, but until you are indeed an expert, this must be done very slowly, so yo can conceptualize the movements and especially the *tipping of the inside lifted foot.

This is a particularly good drill if one has even slight hip dumping tendencies. Exaggerate the tipping of the lifted inside foot more and more, making sure it starts from the ankle and allow the knee to move more and more away from the other knee.

This deserves the rank of contortion really, as it is quite unintuitive to tip the lifted foot at an angle. The more you manage to exaggerate this movement, the better your inside ski control gets. The more you try to reconcile the coiling and counteracting with tipping the inside foot, the more interesting it gets!


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