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Dragging your poles helps keep you stay low in transition and upright while turning, working on Flexing, rotational counter and lateral counter.

If you lean/bank on either side, you will lift one pole from the snow - instant feedback. Likewise, if you extend "up" you will lift both poles from the snow, so the major external cue here will be spraying snow from the pole tips.

ON SNOW! drill-drag-poles  

Take off the pole straps and hold the poles from below the handles. Press their tips into the snow.

Do a run where you focus on pressing the tips into the snow and focus on spraying snow all the way down.

Note how in transition you have to stay lower (so more flexing than hopping up) and when you turn, you are more upright as opposed to leaning into the turn. Turning angles are limited because of the poles.

Progress to holding the poles from even lower, to get even more flexed. Exaggerate and hold the poles from the middle!

Video: https://youtu.be/LB_xgISl6q4

Do this often! Some mention the idea of "skiing in a tunnel" where your head cannot hit a low ceiling, but in general it's better to focus attention on the hips staying level and work more from the lower body.

Benefits of flexing include greater edge angles and more solid carving.

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