Ski boot setup - overview for coaches Pub

Here's a presentation on some of the important aspects of setting up ski boots for racers and performance skiers, focused on the practical aspects of dynamic alignment. Use this as a guide and a starting point - it is the essence of many years of study, experimentation and work with recreational skiers and racers.

More articles and links:

The main pathways is Effective Skier, which contains nine "levels". This is meant for recreational skiers and racers, introducing all elements of ski technique gradually, from beginner to expert.

Start Recreational Pathway

On the racing side, the main pathway is Effective Racer. Racers should have completed the black/expert levels from Effective, as basic technique is only revisited briefly.

Start Racing Pathway


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got up to 16/27 and then the following pages were blank

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Yeah... not sure why - I had it happen to me as well. Looks fine after refreshing the page. I will try another host for presentations. Thank you.

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I'm using now a different hosting for presentations, which seems to work.