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The Javelin drill will emphasize carving the outside ski and balancing on it and directing all weight to it, while managing the inside ski and adding an element of coiling.

ON SNOW! drill-javelin  

At the beginning of every turn, lift the new inside ski and place the tip of the lifted ski on top of the tip of the outside ski, which stays on snow. This will put the lifted ski at a slight angle to the other one and you take the entire turn on the outside ski exclusively.

The lifted ski will stay at a slight angle to the other ski throughout the turn.

Variations - you should use them all:

  • tip down: keeping the inside tip lower than the inside tail will keep you a bit more forward on the skis, so improves fore/aft, which is a good thing. It may however interfere with Counteraction.
  • tip level: keeping the inside ski level will enable more tipping, this is addressed in the Phantom Javelin.
  • tip higher: keeping the inside tip slightly higher than the tail will allow you to focus on Counteraction, but may have a tendency to put you more aft on the skis.

See the videos:

The Javelin drill - HeluvaSkier

Another variation is to keep the lifted ski at a big angle across the outside ski (i.e. overlap the toes) or just with the tips overlapping - we prefer the one with only the tips overlapping.

You should be careful as when exaggerating the crossing of the skis you put yourself at risk of injury in the event of a fall.

It is best to video and then review your video. Focus on the balance: can you balance on the outside ski? Do you have any wobbles? Do you have to use your poles for support? If so, redo the One foot balance workout.

The Phantom Javelin, which combines a Javelin turn with tipping of the lifted inside leg is a great progression from the simple Javelin.

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