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I like to apply an inexpensive fluoro crème wax to the topsheet and sidewalls (about $10). This repels water & abrasive spring snow, making you noticeably faster!

Be sure to have a new role of Fiber Fleece. Use this to remove dust & dirt just before waxing each layer. Most folks skip this step, and end up pushing quite a bit of dirt and dust back into the ski, making it slow.

Remember, if you apply fluoros, you need to remove them after racing to keep your skis fast!

it is important to have a handful of training days in GS & SG with a complete race wax & overlay application. The reason for this is to adapt the racers’ timing to the significantly faster glide and speed.

When waxing in... Allow the wax to completely harden (as opposed to cooling) for at least a day,” says Ales, then scrape & brush completely before waxing in the next coat. 

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