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Why Effective Skiing   Talk
What is effective skiing   Talk
What is the effective technique   Talk
C turns versus Z turns   Talk
How you'll learn   Talk
Green level overview   Talk
Keep safe   Talk
The basics of an effective stance   Talk
The effective way to turn the skis   Talk
Lower body and upper body separation   Talk
Effective and ineffective movements   Talk
Green advanced level overview   Talk
Balancing on the outside ski   Talk
Green expert level overview   Talk
The blue level overview   Talk
Blue advanced level overview   Talk
Blue expert level overview   Talk
About ankle eversion and inversion   Talk
The black level overview   Talk
Black advanced level overview   Talk
Tipping not hipping   Talk
Forward is down   Talk
Logic behind working on the inside ski   Talk
Black expert level overview   Talk
Stance alignment   Talk
MORE   Talk
Getting forward   Talk
Fore-aft and pressure   Talk
Climb the bowl   Talk
Intro to High-C   Talk
Steering and coiling   Talk
Movement analysis cues   Talk
Racing Overview   Talk
Skiing - a philosophy of movement   Topic
Expert skier evolution   Talk
Fundamentals of skiing   Talk
Green skiing video review   Talk
Uses of dorsiflexion and plantarflexion   Talk
Racing level overview   Talk
Avoid too much gate time   Talk
Flexing and upper body anchoring   Talk
Intro to ski racing   Talk
Ski race training   Talk
Find a master coach   Talk
Select ski racing equipment   Talk
Basic mental skills for ski racing   Talk
Ski behaviour and testing   Topic
Coaching Ski Racers   Talk
Basic environment elements and tactics   Talk
The meerkat move   Talk
The Gretzky principle   Talk
An honest talk about pivoting and ski racing   Talk
The Jedi power trick   Talk
Vertical movement in performance skiing   Talk
Weighting the inside ski and high edge angles   Talk
Expert inversion   Talk
The different lines in Giant Slalom   Talk
The basic line in Giant Slalom   Talk
Receiving pressure   Talk
Training the ideal line   Talk
Coach update overview   Talk
What does it take to be a great ski racer   Talk
Impulse and Release   Talk
Setup boots for fore-aft   Talk
Hip on snow for high edge angles   Talk


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