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In high performance skiing, there is a state of "floating" between turns. The energies from the turn can be harnessed to create a state of weightlessness, where there isn't much pressure on the skis, even though they are in contact with the snow.

For what we call floating to occur, only the energies from the turn are used with a Flexed release and no pushing up (or "hop") at the end of the turn - the turn energy is absorbed and used effectively, without disturbing the upper body. So, be careful to **distinguish between hopping and floating **!

The float is not as much a technique as a place between turns where time stands still.Anyone Can Be An Expert Skier 2, p87, Harald Harb, 2001

Often, expert skiers generate so much energy that they get "launched" into the air between turns, but, during a proper float, the intention is to keep the skis in touch with the snow, for maximum feel and control - but without any pressure or weight:

Floating has many benefits: floating makes it easy to pull the boots back and recenter, rather than push the hips forward. Also, because the skis are unweighted, it is much easier to untip from the previous turn and tip them into the new turn early.

Look for floating with retraction in the 4 turns starting at 0:38 into the video below:

While you may be tempted to think those are regular "popping" up releases, look again: in each turn, the outside leg gets short and her hips never cross what you would call a "seated" position, both clear signs of a Flexed release.

When you can regularly achieve a state of floating with flexed release that's another sign of expert skiing.

Performance skiing and floating

The release or rather the finish of the previous turn needs to set everything in motion for the next turn: the legs are retracting and tipping, the upper body is impulsed down and sideways and then we're floating. Yay!

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Now, with that in mind, look for the float and relaxed movement in the same 4 turns, slowed down:

The Flexed release and good skiing creates a good floating, where you are in complete control. Pushing yourself up and trying to get forward reduces the options you have.

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