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Anyone Can Be An Expert Skier 2 is a book and DVD from Harald Harb, about the PMTS method of teaching "direct parallel" skiing rather than the traditional approach through wedges and pivoting. You can read more on the forum.

The second Book and DVD is quite a bit more interesting, updated and he does get into a lot of details of advanced skiing. It is great value and available as paperback and ebook!

Here are some of the topics:

  • Balance transfer to new stance ski
  • Functional upper and lower body coordination
  • Free foot management
  • Releases: weighted, one footed, two footed
  • The super-phantom move (a refined phantom move, for performance carving)
  • Fore/aft balance
  • Lots of drills and progressions
  • Pole swings
  • Carving

The DVD is very good, packed with great skiing, talks and drills, offering you lots of ideas to improve your skiing.

Bumps and powder - lots of tips... what, you still need more reasons to buy one? Just get it already!

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