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Anyone Can Be An Expert Skier 2 is a book and DVD from Harald Harb, about the PMTS++ method of teaching "direct parallel" skiing rather than the traditional approach through wedges and pivoting. You can read more on the forum.

The second Book and DVD is quite a bit more interesting, updated and it does get into a lot of details of advanced skiing. It is great value and available as paperback and ebook!

Here are some of the topics:

  • Balance transfer to the new stance ski
  • Functional upper and lower body coordination
  • Free foot management
  • Releases: weighted, one footed, two footed
  • The super-phantom move (a refined phantom move)
  • Fore/aft balance
  • Lots of drills and progressions
  • Pole swings
  • Carving

The DVD is very good, packed with great skiing, talks and drills, offering you lots of ideas to improve your skiing.

Bumps and powder - lots of tips... what, you still need more reasons to buy one? Just get it already!

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