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Anyone Can Be An Expert Skier is a book and DVD from Harald Harb, about the PMTS++ method of teaching "direct parallel" skiing rather than the traditional approach through wedges and pivoting. You can read more on the forum.

The first DVD and book are targeted at beginners and new skiers - you're ready to progress to the second set when you are carving... yes, I think the first set will get you carving nicely in only a few days on snow, if you have the discipline to go through the progression and not throw yourself down the slope in a 'pizza slice'...

I definitely recommend buying the book and the DVD and go through that progression, especially as a beginner. It is available as paperback and ebook.

Here are some very interesting takeaways for me:

  • insisting on balance above all else, to create better skiers. Balance drills all the way!
  • initiate all movements from the feet, not the knees - feet sensations are transmitted to the brain. This is necessary for training the brain in Deep Practice++, since you need a good feedback loop.
  • transfer of balance from old stance leg to new stance leg is important and sensing it is important. The way this is pictured in the book, by colouring parts of the body, is great! Lifting the free foot makes this transfer more obvious and faster.

Anyone Can Be An Expert Skier 1 DVD

The DVDs appears a little dated, but once he opens your eyes to this usage of the inside ski, you start seeing everywhere, including current WC, often...

The first DVD, while it is for beginners, it does have some scenes that you should remember about this "phantom move" so for the 12$ or so, the DVD is great value. Also, to refine your skiing and your movements, you should always go back to the basics, so again, this DVD is recommended.

The entire progression is designed to get beginners to ski parallel, without intermediary wedges, slides or pivots. In fact, they developed the PMTS++ direct parallel instruction system to do just this.

The first section requires you to spend some time on a green slope barely moving, but it should yield results quickly, if you have the discipline to go through them.

  • introduction to the phases of the turn, an explanation of the phantom move
  • phases of the turn: release, transfer, engage

What follows is a nice build up of skills, from ski-less exercises, stepping exercises, traverse, simple brushing exercises and on to full-on carving.

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