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Leaving the poles behind not only allows you to focus on hands and other elements of good skiing but also presents a balance challenge that you should work into your seasonal routine.

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ON SNOW! no-poles  

Leave the poles at the top or bottom of the hill. Keep your hands in front, where the poles would normally be held, but keep the palms open.

  1. Do a run without the poles, keeping the hands in front.
  2. Then do a run with the hands on your hips.
  3. Then do a run with the hands on your knees.

Repeat these often, until your balance and confidence improves and you start feeling comfortable. Then it will be time to ramp up the complexity!

You can progress from here to the Hands all over drill.

It is easier if you have a partner to carry the poles for you as it may be a little weird without poles in the lift line...


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