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Braquage is one of the most important family of drills, because it allows us to explore a lot of relationships and positions and movements at slow speeds, between tipping, counteraction and fore-aft. We'll use it now to study how to manage the inside foot. This is critical practice to get to the expert levels.

We will mainly glide in braquage, with all the weight on the downhill ski and dragging the uphill ski on its uphill edge on snow. This is the important bit. It will not be lifted off the snow, but unweighted and dragging on snow on its uphill edge (little toe).

We will first play with and align the stance: wide/narrow.

ON SNOW! drill-braquage-inside-drag  

Do braquage on a black, to ease the sliding control effort. Put all weight on the downhill ski and drag the uphill ski on its uphill edge on snow.

Play with stance: open wider for a bit and pull it in close to the other one. Always keep the shins at the same angle.

Notice that closer (narrower) makes it easier to both keep it tipped at the same angle and balance.

TODO video braq drag

Advanced inside braquage and high performance skiing

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