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Edge hops Pub

This is a great tipping exercise, to get a feel for a clean switching of the edges, edge engagement, carving and overall building balance and range of movement.

ON SNOW! drill-edge-hops  

On a green run (progress to blue) do regular carved turns. At the end of the turn, hop off of the old edges and switch the edges in the air, landing on the other set of edges.

The hop does not have to be high, in fact the lower the better, but make sure the edges are switched in the air and make sure the skis do not twist while in the air, just cleanly roll the ankles over to the new edges.

Do this for at least 10 turns. The more, the better balance and edge feel you develop.

TODO video for edge hops

You can start standing still, then progress to gliding on a green, then a blue.




Start improving your balance Balance is the critical skill of good skiing!

Start improving your tipping Tipping is the critical movement of good skiing!


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