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Dragging the outside pole is a very good drill for balancing over the outside ski. The idea is that as you reach over the outside ski to keep the pole pressing into and dragging in the snow, you will angulate your upper body, enhancing the Counterbalancing effect.

If you're inclining and banking instead, tilting your upper body to the inside of the turn, then the pole will come out of the snow... unless you have abnormally long poles, that is!

ON SNOW! drill-drag-outside-pole  

Start a green/blue run, holding the poles from under the handles. As you start the turn in transition, place the outside pole besides the boot, pressing the tip in the snow. Keep it there throughout the turn - this will be your cue.

Focus on keeping pressure on the tip, focus on spraying snow from the pole - otherwise it tends to come off the snow and it doesn't help.

Feel how you are angulating over the outside ski, Counterbalancing.

Video: https://youtu.be/zIaOoEkjsb8

A good continuation to this drill would be Touch the outside boot.



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