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Advanced braquage Pub

Taking braquage to its limit, we have a few more "hard core" drills in this family that we can use to really bring your skiing forward.

An "advanced braquage" set would start with regular braquage, transitioning to falling leafs and ending with 360s. This will be great to enhance your balance, tipping feel and fore-aft. The stance should be narrow for this drill, so you can keep both skis flat when needed.

We'll start by turning the skis, i.e. making a 180. This is a very specific way of turning, which would look like a pivot to most outsiders, but in fact it works on refining tipping and flexing.

You may want to start these on a green.

ON SNOW! drill-green-360s  

Start this on a green. Get a little speed and then, as you start a regular turn, tip the skis on edge, but as the turn ends, you don't untip them anymore, but keep tipping them until they endup pointing up and you're going backwards.

That is the first part. The next part is to tip them the other way through flat and continue the turning until they are back flat but facing down the slope.

The basic idea is to create a full 360 degree turn with only tipping the skis off and on and the edge.

You have to be very careful to not "catch an edge" which is common while trying this, until you get the hang of timing the tipping on edge with the skis coming to flat.

The point of this drill is to not twist the skis in any way, but focus only on tipping them on edge and back. Also, stay centered on the skis.

You can also start them on a blue or black.

ON SNOW! drill-black-180s  

Find a blue or a black and start from braquage or side slipping. The basic idea is to create a full 180 degree turn with only tipping the skis off and on and the edge.

So, as you slide in a braquage, tip the skis to the downhill to release the edges and let them point down, but as the skis are now pointing straight down the hill and you go through flat, tip them the other way, to get them to complete turning across the hill, until they point to the other side.

After you do this a couple of times, you are read to do the full 360, which is nothing more than continuing while sliding backwards.

... and don't forget to Click your heels!


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