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For those living in the northern hemisphere... and yeah, I know some of you are already skiing... lucky you!

I sure hope you got your Pre Season Ski Training, especially in terms of Dryland balance training and Ski Fitness, well before hitting the snow and...

Once on snow, How to begin the ski season and talking to the coaches here can help give you some direction and focus when starting the season... and don't forget to take with you, and follow your own path to improvement, from your phone...

Continue to improve at the expert level
Continue to improve at the expert level

How you start the season is very important !! Many improvements can be made at the beginning of the season.

Many improvements can be made at the beginning of the season and, let's face it: the glades are not great just yet, so we might as well work on technique.


There have been many updates to, many topics updated and you'll start to notice more in the coming weeks.

Keep up

The keep up module is now updated and working well, after a season of use and bug fixing / enhancements. It is very easy to ask a coach a question or send a video for MA:

  • click on the keep up
  • under "Coaching" select either "MA request" or "Ask a question"


The racing level is coming along, already with some 20+topics. All of you with black level memberships can already see some of the topics and can request a preview of all the racing level topics.

So far there are 3 sections with "racing" topics - and please remember that the topics marked "Draft" can change drastically


Don't underestimate the power of a journal. Write down every thought, record progress and how it feels etc, take notes while reading topics... all that in the Journal section.

Free membership renewals

Again, free membership renewals this season - this time with a condition: there will be a simple questionnaire to fill out on how you use this site and help us improve.

So, all of you with a paid membership will receive a separate email with the questionnaire, so all you have to do is to fill that in and send it.

Have a great season!

Here's some stoke, from Freeskier Mag:

Marcus Caston meets up with Olympic gold medalist Jonny Moseley to crush the mogul fields at Squaw Valley

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