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Truly - no fitness, no season prep, no equipment review and just going out there and throwing yourself down off the highest double black sounds like a bad idea... but

What is the best way to start a new ski season?

Pre-season prep

Some of the things to look at, pre-season are:

  • fitness
  • equipment
  • plan


Skiing is a

rings up another important point: how we start the season makes a big difference.

If we just start skiing, all the bad patterns and thoughts surface right away and stay there and do not allow development.

For a few seasons now, I do not allow me and some of my racers to just start skiing, quite the opposite. The first 2-3 days are spent doing slow, technical drills on greens and shallow blues, following a very detailed custom personal plan and progression of drills with continuous feedback. No power and no steeps and no speed whatsoever.

Maybe at the end of each day, like 1-2 runs for a cool-off. It's important to recognize that the brain takes shortcuts when under stress and all the finesse goes out the window... and if we start the season that way, any improvements will be on the margin, but not of substance!

From personal experience, the results are very good, as indeed, all the "fine" movement patterns are forgotten over the summer and if we start skiing with power and speed and freaking out about speed control, they won't come back - especially at intermediary development stages.

I strongly recommend this approach to anyone serious about improving, at the beginning of the season or when trying to radically change some movement patterns or aspects of their skiing. If you don't have a coach to draft you a personal plan and give you feedback, use a generic approach, starting from the feet up and video.

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