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I've discussed Engraving and the related concepts of Ideokinesis - one of the ways to learn anything faster.

One extremely effective way to apply engraving to skiing is by watching select clips often, especially in the off-season and early season, but really as often as possible. I have successfuly applied this technique over the past two years (don't ask how many times I've watched these and/or made my kidz watch them).

Watching these during the week with the purpose of applying them in the weekend, or the night before it is very effective. Read more under Engraving for detailed on the watching technique itself.

Although some of the clips I use are on the CSCF DVDs, I have also created a youtube playlist with the best clips one could use for Engraving.

Note that it is much more effective to combine Engraving with Knowticing, so that when watching these clips, you pick up technique elements conciously as well as sub-conciously.

You will notice that the list includes a lot of non-racing clips, as I think that it is more important to focus on the techniques of great skiing before or even while creating good racers.

I will keep working on splitting these per technical area of focus or discipline etc, but in the mean time, enjoy:

One criteria for an effective engraving clip or playlist is that it is not long, just maybe 5-10 minutes. It must not be of a race, but of training - their purpose is to re-inforce perfect technique rather than the recovery movements frequent in racing clips. Also, ideally, they would be focused on one technical area.



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