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A great series of episodes from Projected productions, released on vimeo throughout the 2017-2018 season, which you can either rent individually or get access for a monthly fee, on Vimeo.

Like the other Projected videos, these are totally worth their price and here are a few details about what you can find in some of them.

Hip discipline

Foot placement

JF Beaulieu discussion on how a good pullback of the outside ski will allow the skier to start the turn with the lower body and prevent the hip from moving too fast into the new turn (or hip dumping)! Also, lots of thoughts around it and ideas to work on it.


JF Beaulieu makes a good presentation around resisting the pressure building up on the outside ski, with a long leg: the timing of it, the how of it (receiving pressure), contrasting the long leg at the apex with the short leg as expert skiers are releasing the ski.

JF is also pointing out the differences between skiing in compression and receiving pressure versus giving pressure and between intermediates using too much up and down versus flex to release.

Our note: be careful to avoid grinding++ when focusing on bending the skis, to continue evolving to the highest levels of expert skiing!

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