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I noticed some coaches and racers use the term downhill ski – it should actually be outside ski – I thought initially that it was just my interpretation, but I checked the CSCF docs and it’s also called the outside ski

My thinking is that the biggest issue is carving ABOVE the fall line, where the carving ski is actually the uphill ski, so calling them 'outside vs inside' is more precise instead of ‘downhill vs uphill’. When the racer is in the fall line, the pressure is already maximum and he should be looking to start releasing it… so ‘carving the downhill ski’ seems to send the wrong message…

If you are working on a communication plan, to set clear and simple communication with the kids/racers and make things efficient you should certainly keep this in mind.


In the docs I have, the only reference to downhill ski is about releasing, when indeed, there is no doubt about which ski it is.

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