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Serious practice is about knowticing. I don't think one can excel or get any better in fact at any sport, without knowticing.

This awesome post The Kneed to Knowtice gave a very good description to and brought to the front something we're all probably aware of, somewhere deep down.

To excel at some activity, you not only need to know and understand all the technical details, but relate that to the feelings of your body going through the respective movements.

Notice how you feel when you are in balance over the middle of the ski, for instance. Notice how easy it is to initiate a turn with the toes as opposed to the shoulders etc.

To be a better coach, you need to make it simple and continuously insist that students be aware of their feelings, their bodies as they go through the motions - not just blindly execute some exercises, but pay attention to everything in context. See the next post Using Vivid Images

At the same time, an over-reliance on feelings is not a good idea - using external cues most of the time is a hallmark of a good coach!

We have a few exploration sessions:

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