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Just stumbled onto (thanks, George) another great article about coaching and coaches in general, which should be required reading for all coaches and parents:


Here's a few of them, that jive with many other books and thoughts on great coaches, like The Little Book of Talent and Review - Practice Perfect 42 Rules for Getting Better at Getting Better:

  • are obsessive about fundamentals (see Soft skills versus hard skills and becoming a better skier
  • break skills into chunks
  • don't break bad habits, rather build new habits
  • feedback in clear, short spurts that are action oriented
  • measure success carefully
  • constantly seeking continuing education
  • create rather than find talent
  • observe intently
  • use imagery in coaching
  • separate learning from practice - in ski racing we suck at this one the most, as we tend to put them in gates before their skiing is up to par
  • know what they don't know

Awesome read. Go on, read it: there are many more interesting "secrets", if you are looking to be a brilliant coach.

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By: Razie | 2017-01-10 | Tags: post , coaching

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