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Phases of the turn Pub

In skiing, there are many systems that describe the "perfect" turn, each trying to convey it's own image and message.


While no two turns are alike, it is very beneficial to see the average turn as having the following elements and look at the focus of each and also work on each separately.

  • the release
  • the recentering or float or transition
  • the high c or top of the turn
  • the apex or fall line
  • the low c or bottom of the turn

Some of these follow always in the same sequence (top vs apex vs bottom) while others could occur in a different sequence (release vs transition for instance)

The release

This is the period, at the bottom of the turn, where we are focused on releasing the skis and body from the turn forces and snow engagement.

The release is the most important determinant for shaping the next turn. There are several ways to release and harness the energy of the turn, see the release.

Sessions and talks:

The recentering

The goal of the transition between turns is to get back on top of the skis, forward enough and balanced enough to start the next turn in complete control and with as many options as possible and to transfer weight to the new outside ski.

It's important to remember which way is forward (hint: not along the skis):


The top of the turn or the high-c

Some call it initiation, some edging, some shaping, some establishing a platform. This is the most critical point in creating the new turn.

If the release dictates how the next turn happens, finesse in the top of the turn will dictate how the next turn looks.


Apex or fall line

The apex is not always at the fall line, but close enough. This is where maximum pressure and deflection is created. A long outside leg and the skis at high edge angles are the success criteria here.


The bottom of the turn or the low-c

While getting ready to release, the turn is not over yet. A lot of speed control can be achieved here while getting the skis across the slope.



Other phases of the turn (or names for phases of the turn), with their own different cues and mental pictures:

  • Unloading, Edging, Loading (CSCF older manual)
  • Transition, Execution (CSCF cca 2015)
  • Release, Transfer, Engage (PMTS)
  • Initiation, Shaping, Finish (PSIA)
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