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A-frame is basically lacking parallel shins throughout most of the turn. The issue is really that the skis are not at the same angle - the inside ski is generally almost flat on the snow.

There are bad a-frames and a-frames we can ignore - A-frames are always a symptom and not a cause and they are usually a problem when accompanied by other symptoms like diverging skis, hip dump etc.

Hip dumping and A-frame
Hip dumping and A-frame

There are many things that can cause an A-frame, depending on one's developmental level and, as usual when evaluating performance, we'll use the EEPPTT framework.

Equipment wise, boots out of alignment is a root cause of many A-frames. Some grow out of it, some get used to compensating.

Boots that are too large are also a problem, as the feet and ankles have no effect and the skier tends to use the hips to drag the skis on edge. Recreational skiers tend to choose "comfortable" boots, which are too large for fine control.

Speed can be an issue. Usually when the speed is too high or environment too gnarly, technical finesse goes out the window and all kinds of bad tendencies come out. Take the challenging terrain out of the picture before attempting to remedy this.

Technical - there are many causes for A-frames:

  • stance too wide, see Skiing - the wide stance debugged
  • widening the stance too early (pull up the inside ski too much/too early)
  • release sequence, especially at higher speeds
  • lacking inside ski management, see The inside ski
  • not tipping from the ankles
  • lazy foot: no focus on maintaining shins parallel or an excessive focus on the outside ski/leg

Note that there are release sequences that give the appearance of A-frame, especially when coming from a wider stance - visible usually in WC speed skiing.

Related: Hip dump is related to A-frame and, to fix it, after looking at the boots, use the same Lower body workout progression.

Some of the best cures for A-frames and hip dumps involve a focus on tipping from the ankles and especially managing the inside ski better:



Start fixing your hip dump

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