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Let's develop your counterbalancing and separation/angulation. This is a good season starter++ and, if you have issues with counterbalancing, whenever you can - we never really stop developing this, in different snow conditions and slope features.

Lots of angulation / counterbalancing on the outside ski
Lots of angulation / counterbalancing on the outside ski

Read the tech talks and do the sessions:

Start with a Warmup and stretching.

Before you leave from home, do some Useful contortions especially the angulation contortions.

When doing the drills, remember this is a workout session. Put some muscle into it! Start slow and easy and, as you warm up, start to challenge yourself:

  • ramp up the speed
  • ramp up the intensity
  • ramp up the slope
  • ramp up the range of motion
  • exaggerate

The degree of effort required varies from a simple run on a green level below, to the black level racer above.

Green level angulation / counterbalancing
Green level angulation / counterbalancing



Remember the following characteristics and look for them as you do the drills:

  • focus on feeling The crunch
  • feel a definite carving of the outside ski
  • movement starts with at the hips, the feet in the hip sockets
  • try to keep the spine fairly straight

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