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This is the ultimate level of skiing in our "carving school", past expert and racer. Also called Unobtanium, this is the one level you audition for and you get to work directly with our top coaches if solid technical high-performance skiing is what you're looking for and your skiing is at a certain level.

While this or that organization will have you ski this or that way based often on esthetics, culture, and ability of the instructors you work with, we aim to simply ski with the most effective technique, period,! No tabus, affiliations, style of the day, or bending to "approved" dogma.

This level is not open to everyone - to apply, create an account, go through and exit the expert level and send a video via the Keep up / Coaching menu, with the message " application for the ski school dropouts ".

So - if you're looking to be the best technical skier that you can be, go through the effective progression and, if you think you qualify to train and ski beyond the expert level, register and apply to become a dropout!

We have had enough... Had enough of being told what a performance standard is by those who have no concept of performance skiing. Had enough of being told what we must be coaching by those who cannot differentiate inputs from outcomes. We have had enough at watching dead-end coaching drive athletes away from the sport because the coaching cannot break-down the inputs for expert level skiing and then communicate them to their students.


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