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We are changing the levels of effective skiing from green/blue/black/racing to intro/effective/performance/racing.

The old levels

The idea behind the old levels was skier ability to carve groomed runs cleanly - what level run can you cleanly carve with effective movements:

  • exiting the green level meant you can carve green runs effectively (trust me, not as easy as it sounds)
  • blue meant you can carve blue runs with effective movements
  • black meant you can carve black runs - very few skiers even get here and it takes a lot of effort to improve to this level. By carving black runs we don't mean with big fast turns - a lot or skiers can do that, we mean with Slalom carved turns and speed control!

The new levels

The new levels are more in tune with our understanding of skier evolution and do not tie us to groomers. Most skiers regardless of the level they are currently at, will go first through an introduction to effective movements, to help remove all ineffective movements from their skiing and then a refinement level to become effective skiers, so those are the first two levels! The following level is about performance skiing and carving steep runs. If you want to kick it up a notch from there, check out the ski skool dropouts.

So the new levels are:

  • Intro will introduce you to the effective movements and remove all ineffective movements from your skiing. This is done at low speeds and shallow runs, mostly on the green runs still
    • Intro advanced guides you through a more effective understanding, while
    • Intro expert introduces you to the intricacies of effective skiing
  • Effective introduces you to the top level that most skiers aspire to: carving blue runs effectively and in control
    • Effective advanced guides you through a more effective understanding and picking up the pace on the blue runs, while
    • Effective expert introduces you to the intricacies of effective skiing at a higher level of performance
  • Performance is a level dedicated to performance and high-performance skiers looking to master the black runs with speed control

The Ski School Dropouts is the high-performance group, which is reserved for great skiers looking to improve and it is the one that you have to audition for!

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