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USSA Level 300 Technique and Tactics is a set of three double DVDS:

  • USSA Level 300 Slalom Technique and Tactics
  • USSA Level 300 Giant Slalom Technique and Tactics
  • USSA Level 300 Speed Technique and Tactics

Each is a package of 2 DVDs. The first DVD is a theory review, complete with voice overs and lots of world cup videos, while the second DVD is the "junior" version. The second DVD is the more interesting, as it includes a lot of analysis and discussions of different videos of juniors.

You can really skip a few years of learning by buying this set and watch intently maybe 20 times each DVD...

I don't know how the american coaching system actually works, but in the canadian system, CSCF, the technical and tactical elements are not well structured and most learning happens largely via mentoring during the different level courses. I learned lots during my level 2 course for instance, but that was limited to my capability and skill at the time and it was at most 1/10th of what's in these DVDs.

Probably the most important part of these DVDs is the video analysis. This is the single most effective way to evolve a good coach: give him many samples of good and bad skiing and explain what he's looking at. Instead of spending decades to run into all those scenarios and learn first hand, you can learn the same thing in 1 month. The respective training principle is "shorten the feedback loop" and it's one of the strongest deep training principles.

Well done, USSA !

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