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Being an avid motorcyclist as well as an avid skier, I have been looking for something similar to Countersteering++.

For those that don't know, Countersteering++ is the specific way to steer a motorcycle or a bicycle, where, to turn left - you steer to the right first and that will "throw" the bike into the left turn! Freaky, no? Well, you do it every time...

So, here's the countersteering turn in skiing, that I've been playing with - steps you can replicate:

  • pick a slalom ski, say 12m
  • gingerly start a wide turn, say 15m
  • instead of checking your email while waiting for the turn to finish on its own,
  • push the inside knee more into the turn (down into the snow), this will start a chain of events:
  • the outside knee will follow
  • skis will tip more and increase the angle to the snow
  • forces increase on the ski, and, if you solve all the equations in Le Master's book, this force is bending them * * more and tightening the arc, to 12m or less
  • the body will instead continue travelling over the skis and into the next turn.
  • since the body is now over the skis, the skis will tip and start the next turn.

This is classic countersteering, no doubts about it.

It may not work that well with a larger GS turn, because the body is travelling more across the hill, with the skis in the transition.

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