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There is a lot of information across the web about boot fitting. As a skier or parent of a skier, you need some basics to have an intelligent discussion with the boot fitter of choice, so these are good enough:

See Ski boot setup for more details or the different sources below.

Properly fitted boots are critical for tipping as well as fore-aft and having good feedback from and control of the skis.

Otherwise, for coaches and parents wanting to know more, Here's a selection of articles.

Boot fitting articles and forum: Ask the Boot Guys

Good article on boot canting principles:

Good set of articles on boots:


The great insole debate.

For do-it-yourselvers, here's a great resource:

Another great discussion on race boots for young athletes:

or U16-U18:

and more race boot fitting intros:

Boots and flex

Nomal coaching dogma says softer boots are better than harder boots... well, maybe so, but be sure to read these:

Here are some ideas on how boots are customized:


This is a great video again on boot fitting and how to put the boots on most efficiently:

More resources:


If you have any questions you can ask them on this forum.


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