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Darn these boots are tight! That's the initial feeling... I mean really tight, like in squeezing my ankle pretty good! The flex is not that bad, not much less flexible than my daily Atomic Hawx 100, which I absolutely love.

But, after two seasons / 80 something days on snow, those were getting a bit mushy and I had to try a race boot anyways, add to that a good deal on ebay and there you go - nice new boots for Razie.

Been sitting in them for 40 minutes now and they're still tight. I went one size down like you're supposed to and they're tight but not small, I don't think... you should really go one size down from the recommended mondo sizes, when getting performance ski boots.

I think I can bear with them for a day though - maybe they get better. However, the front of the foot is not really tight at all.... just the rear - funny.

I will try my other foot-bed and will report back on how they feel after a few days on snow.

Some of the negatives: the strap is hard to use: the clamp is hard and small and can hardly push it...


They are fine. While more uncomfortable than my other boots, I can easily spend an entire day coaching in these boots.

They do drive the skis nicely, much more responsive, I (think) can feel the difference quite easily.

I find that their flex varies a lot with temperature.

Update #2

A few years later now, I have been through a few more boots:

  • Head RS 125
  • Head RS 130
  • Atomic Pro 130
  • Atomic WC 150
  • Dalbello WC 150 (plug, also one size smaller than the others)

All good boots. I like the forward lean and flex pattern of the Atomics. I prefer the Head for every day and I like the Dalbellos for as long as I can put up with them...

The 110 feels too mushy now though. The issue with a softer boot is that it cannot support a forward stance.

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By: Razie | 2012-12-07 .. 2016-11-03 | Tags: post , review , boots , equipment

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