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I have a range of Camcorders, each have pros and cons. Let's walk through some of the features and see some pros and cons when choosing a camera for MA (Movement Analysis) for skiing.

My daily workhorse is a small Canon Vixia HF M500 or R500 or something like that I think - older, about 300$. It survived two seasons of daily skiing in my pocket. Still works fine and it’s pretty much always in my pocket.

Here are some useful features.

Zoom and Image Stabilization are very good features - this is why phones don't cut it for MA. Optical zoom is especially a good thing to have.

It has a mini-HDMI port and you can control it through the TV remote. Another important feature is recording in mp4 format, so you can play on ipads etc.

I do not have/use slo-mo, I just pause and go frame by frame with the remote - works fine when reviewing at the slope.

I would not get a camera with built-in memory, you’ll need to buy some memory card. Get one with an SD and a USB adapter, so you can plug it out of the camera and into a laptop or iPad or TV. That’s the easiest way to play/transfer or revieweing with athletes, depending on the TV inputs.

WIFi helps if you have an iPad and review on the lift ride up, but for me it didn’t work smoothly and I don’t use it.

Make sure to get extra batteries, no-names for the same model: they don’t last long in the cold. There’s always cheap no-name sets of two batteries + charger on ebay, just look for the camera model.

The drawback is there’s no viewfinder so you’ll have issues seeing the screen when it’s too bright. also it’s light so some shake will always be there. but that’s the price you pay to have it fit in the pocket.

My other camera is a big Canon HG 30, viewfinder and all sorts of IS enhancements and slo-mo and everything, but it requires a backpack.

The viewfinder is good to have because bright sun on white snow means you can’t really see the screen when shooting and also gives more stability to the camera.

See Taking video on more details on taking good video.

One other that I tried was a go pro. It’s great to follow the athletes, gives another perspective, useful to have. Here’s one that my son shot of me, we just cut a pole and attached it to the end of it: 

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