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Just got another great post from RacerEx in my inbox, with a good perspective on slowing it down.


Reinforcing bad technique is like doubling down on a bad bet. In reality, it’s often better—though counterintuitive—to slow down, take a breath, assess the territory and proceed with deliberate steps.

It's better to read the entire piece yourself, but here's another:

When you look at top ski racers warming up for a race or a training session they progress methodically through a set of movements in highly controlled turns. Likewise, when they find themselves in a performance rut they have the perspective and discipline to ratchet it back and re-master the basics.

p.s. Her book is a great read, "Shut Up and Ski: Wipeouts, shootouts and blowouts on the trail to the Olympic dream" - totally recommended.

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By: Razie | 2017-03-01 | Tags: post

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