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As we get closer to snow, there's another one of the great episodes in the Projected productions - How to Ski series, "Foot placement" is again an episode from JF Beaulieu, full of insight on enabling one to ski with the lower body by being careful with the "foot placement" at the beginning of the turn! The series (as well as anything coming from Projected) is highly recommended, with lots of good thoughts and discussions of concepts at a higher level - here's the trailer:

JF has been working for a few seasons to improve the foot placement: pulling back the inside foot, for a clean edge change and to allow access to the lower joints and making sure the turn starts with the lower body, focusing on the feet, to generate ski performance and have the ski turn the femurs.

Another interesting reason to pull back the inside ski, well presented in the video, is... friction!

Sessions to work on this:

Some drills to work on these skills include:

Besides a great review of and insight into the relationships between "foot placement", balance, activating and enabling the lower feet, there are more insights, read on but even better, get the video and watch it a few times before hitting snow this season!


Another aspect of foot placement is making sure we're stacked and can ski effortlessly - great demonstration and lots of cues and tips in the video - absolutely worth watching!


As usual, pulling back the inside ski comes with warnings and JF makes a good case not to exaggerate. We also add that it is important to pay attention to how you are pulling back: which muscles you're using.

Complemented with examples and discussions of why the Tip lead is bad, this is another great video from JF, totally worth watching!

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