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Here's an advanced drill that I believe is quite effective at removing the dreaded shuffle, the dreaded hip dump, A-frames and other bad habits++ like an extra wide stance.

As skiers get good enough to commit to the outside ski, managing the inside ski conversely becomes important for balance and effective skiing - so it doesn't end up in an A-frame or dragged along or otherwise unutilized thus "in the way".

Click your heels

ON SNOW! click-heels  

Start braquage or pivot slips while clicking your heels.

Skis across the slope (easier on a black), shoulders facing down the hill, both poles below the skis. Pole plant and turn the skis the other way and let them skid down the slope a bit.

While turning, click your heels: bring them close both laterally and fore/aft and keep them there throughout the turn and the slide - this will teach you how to manage the inside foot. By playing with this drill, you will see how much rotation is tolerable as well: by countering and keeping shoulders down the hill, you make managing the inside foot harder.

As the turn completes, you can allow the inside foot to get ahead, it will make it easier to keep your shoulders AND hips down the hill. You can really study all these relationships in this drill.

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You could incorporate this in the daily batch of drills - it does teach the body a lot about managing the inside foot and balance.

Note that braquage-type drills are easier on a freshly groomed blue or black run.


You can progress to this from Inside braquage and from here into lifting the inside ski while turning. Also, you can use braquage to play with opening the hips via shuffling the skis and study the relationship between shuffling the skis and counter.

Other drills effective at inside ski control:

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By: Sonia.Tatlock   Reply   Report    

Great stuff, is it possible the video is missing for this one?

By: Razie   Reply   Report    

Yes - I'm quite behind producing the videos for quite a few drills and sessions - will create many soon - topics marked as "draft" may have videos or some content missing.

By: Sonia.Tatlock   Reply   Report   (1)  

Ahh, I see now it's written TODO! Lol! I have spent a fair amount of time on your site, really enjoying it so far and shared it with a few coaches today...so you should be seeing a little more traffic! Keep up the posts, love the drills with variety of videos. Most importantly i like that you talk about progressions from one drill to the other.