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Besides our own Effective Skiing website there are a few websites with advice, tips and drills. As usual online, use your own judgement...

Beginner / Intermediate / Expert

PMTS Online Lessons

ski smarts pretty cool drills, lessons and problem corrections.




Online drill wizards:

Video channels

Ski tips with Josh Foster


There's a lot to be learned from interacting with others, instructors, coaches or just other interested skiers on forums like:

Racing/Coaching - Advanced topics collection of interesting articles on advanced topics - the USSA Center of Excellence video channel - well done, USSA!

This is not strictly an online resource, but you can order a large selection of technical material from the USSA:


Some great playlists:


Epic ski has a racing section but there's also detailed tech-talk on their normal coaching and instruction forum:

The NASTAR forum has higher-level technique discussions:

Here's a great set of articles and videos, mostly on equipment, namely boots and such - great resource for higher-level racing/coaching:

The newer PugSki forum has a ski school section

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