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Stance refers to the way we stand on the skis and a good stance on skis is critical for balance and performance. Stance is not a static notion, because our relationship to the skis and the slope changes throughout the turn, but rather stance describes an average, a target, a "home base" we tend to find ourselves in more often than not, especially between turns.

While the stance should be overall athletic, a narrow stance promotes mobility while a wide stance promotes stability, too many error on the side of stability, forgetting that skiing is more like dancing than sumo wrestling, see Stability with mobility and Skiing - the wide stance debugged.

Creating stability with mobility - a typical blue level stance
Creating stability with mobility - a typical blue level stance

Some aspects of stance, to consider:

  • width - are the feet quite close or really far apart?
  • pizza - are the skis really parallel, in a constant pizza slice or just all over?
  • fore/aft - are we putting more pressure on the toes or more on the heel, or just about in the middle?
  • shuffled - is one ski well ahead of the other, or are they rather even?
  • tall - is the body really tall, with long legs, or too low and flexed, or just about right?
  • stiff - is the body really stiff, making it hard to balance or is it relaxed and flexed at all major joints, ready to react?
  • hunched - do we hunch forward at the waist at any point in the turn, or is the body fairly upright and stable?

Here's a tall stance, typical for skiing green runs - contrast the apparent immobility with the more dynamic blue stance above:

Tall, typical green level stance
Tall, typical green level stance

And here's a typical expert stance, quite low, while carving black runs:

A more expert/racer "stance"

While you may think this kind of stance puts a big strain on the legs, in reality there is no weight on the legs right now, as the skier got a lot of performance from the previous turn and is Floating between turns.

Talks and sessions to work on stance:


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