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Learning complex concepts and movements starts slowly, with a simple perspective and then cycle through the same notions, revisiting them and refining them at higher levels, adding details, increasing range of movement.


The fundamentals of skiing and spirals

There are a few fundamentals of skiing, but we cannot quite learn and master one and then move on to the next and so on until we're done - because as we get better at one of them, say counterbalancing, it allows a much bigger range of motion for others (in this case tipping), so we have to go back to tipping and explore this new range of motion and the possibilities it opens up!

This idea applies not only to the knowledge aspect of skiing, but the physical aspect as well. There are a multitude of cues, both internal and external that we must acquire and engrain as we evolve each of the basic movements and skills.

We can't just jump from low skill to high skill.

Thus skiing, as I guess all somewhat complex human undertakings, tends itself very well to a spiral approach, where each direction is explored and refined a ways and we keep cycling, refining each.

This not only allows a more efficient exploration of each direction / fundamental, but also frequently refreshing each, as we keep coming back, refining them.

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You can read more about this approach to learning on wikipedia Spiral approach or search more about spiral learning.

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