EEPPTT is the CSCF framework for evaluating and addressing skier performance.

The point is to give consideration to all of the causes that may impact performance, before jumping into technique considerations. Before changing technique for instance, a competent coach will consider issues such as the boots perhaps being be too large, the snow too soft, the skier may lack core strength or simply not be motivated.

Here are some examples or issues to consider in these six areas of interest:

  • Equipment
    • boots stiff/soft, large/tight
    • skis stiff/soft, radius, fat
  • Environmental
    • snow hard/soft/hero
    • terrain on camber, rollers
  • Physical
    • core, leg strength
    • mobility, joints, stiffness
  • Psychological
    • not interested, no affective
    • no learning
  • Technique
    • too little, too much
  • Tactics
    • timing
    • line

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