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This Ski Club operated out of Crystal Mountain. It closed in 2014 as the mountain closed following a lift accident. Here's the original website.

Crystal Mountain Ski Club

Crystal Mountain Racers is a non profit organization with 30 racers. It's a competitive club, but there is room for fun. We are a family orientated organization that relies on volunteers to make the club work.

Crystal Mountain Racers Operates out of Crystal Mountain Resort++ in West Bank, British Columbia. The hill is easy to get to and offers great value for the skiing family. We offer Small group instruction from CSCF coaches from Big White Ski Resort.

The program

Our program is for 5-11 year olds and runs for 10 weeks, from 9:30-2:30 starting January 5th. The fee is $375 for the first child and $50 off for each child after. You must Have lift tickets for the 10weeks as well as equipment. If your child is 7 and under they are free but you MUST get them a lift ticket.

There are 2-3 races thru the season that are optional. There is additional cost and fees for these races. your child must be able to turn and stop and get on and off the lift with minimal assistance. Poles are recommended.

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